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Sep 16, 2017

Jeanne talks with Heather Avis, author of The Lucky Few and mother of three children, two with Downs Syndrome. We talk about her path through infertility and adoption to become the parents of Macyn, Truly and August, her lucky few.

Sep 9, 2017

Jeanne talks with Dr. James Lozada, an anesthesiologist and broadcast journalist with a passion for maternal justice. We talk about epidurals, health journalism, switching careers, finding your mission and what maternal justice means in the labor room and around the world.

Sep 2, 2017

Jeanne speaks with a Houston midwife about conditions mothers and birth pros are facing and highlights two organizations - Every Mother Counts and  Circle of Health International - about the work they're doing for mothers and families in Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

Aug 26, 2017

Jeanne talks with Sarah, who emailed with induction concerns about her birth, baby and prenatal care at 40.

Aug 19, 2017

Jeanne talks with midwife Chris Beard, CNM about a recent article on NPR about maternal deaths and emergencies, about violence in Charlottesville and about fat shaming in maternal health care.